Songs for ghost travelers :: Robin Meier


Song for Ghost Travellers is a score for twelve pigeons and three musicians. Inspired by the Chinese tradition of attaching spherical flutes to pigeons, this performance explores ideas of randomness and the emergence of natural organisation through the patterns of flying birds and the movements of trains inside a railway station.

Through a slight alteration the pigeon is turned into the actor of a musical score: each pigeon carries a specially tuned flute which produces a sound when the bird is flying. Following a notated score, three musicians on the ground accompany the air-bound harmonies produced by the birds and combine them with the choreography of trains in the station.


Song for Ghost Travellers: Robin Meier

Score for three musicians and twelve pigeons


Project created for the Paris FIAC 2015 (International Contemporary Art Fair) - 20th to 25th october 2015 / Austerlitz railway station


Performed at the Shanghai Biennale 2017 and at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 (11-13 june).


This project benefits from the generosity of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Foundation for Culture.

With support from the Institut Français, Région Centre-Val de Loire and Spedidam.




Cédric Jullion: flute

Gaëlle Belot: flute

Ayumi Mori: clarninette


Tristan Plot and Guillaume Habrias: bird trainers


where Prague

where Prague

where Prague